Art and Stories by Cathy Pepin

 Please check out my gallery of Oil Paintings: OILS GALLERY by clicking the menu button above.  Please check out my gallery of WATERCOLORS, by clicking the menu button above. Please check out my gallery of PHOTOGRAPHS by clicking the menu button above.  My greatest accomplishment so far is my Musical about Quilting; its website is at Please see the button below:

 I'm a writer; I'm an artist; I'm a photographer of Life in Boston, and Cape Cod Massachusetts, USA.  I wrote a fantastic Musical about Quilting, which is copyrighted at the Library of Congress.  It is available on Amazon Kindle and I have written many short stories that are published on Amazon Kindle.  Please see my books at Amazon by selecting the button below called: My books at Amazon.

I have written several short stories, published on AMazon now.

I have written another screenplay science fiction that is finished.

I  am interested in licensing companies to produce a film or put on a Play

 I won the Van Ostrand-Perkins High Honors for Excellence in Painting, Sculpture, and  Artistry at Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, Connecticut.

PLay or film?