I have written several short stories, to be published soon

I have written another screenplay science fiction that is finished.

I  am interested in licensing companies to produce a film or put on a Play


My latest project:

PLay or film?

I have been quilting for many years, and I wrote a musical about Quilting.  It is called "Quilt Mania the Musical."  I published it to Amazon Kindle.  It is copyrighted with the Library of Congress.

I started an electronic career at Sprague Electric in Worcester, MA.  I calibrated and repaired everything from Multimeters, Spectrum Analyzers, Curve Tracers and production Equipment in the process of making Integrated circuits for 5 years.  Then I worked for AT&T on D4 telephone equipment testing. I have a Bachelors of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology from Oklahoma State University (OSU).  I worked for Seagate in Oklahoma City for 5 years and then I taught electronics courses at OSU, Langston University, and Autry Technology Center.  I am now an author.  I wrote a fantastic Musical about Quilting, available on Amazon Kindle and I have written many short stories that I will be publishing on Amazon Kindle.

Cathy Pepin Kowalski