Art and Stories by Cathy Pepin

I enjoy painting watercolors or oil paintings from a person's favorite photo.  Just contact me thru the contact menu, and we'll talk about it.  

My email is

As a teenager, I went to Girl Scout Camp in the summer.  I took Sailing Lessons, First Aid, and Life Saving.

​I earned "Sailor, Crew, and Captain" titles.  I love the thrill of sailing.  We learned about tying knots, setting the sails, controlling the set course, and we spent many hours and hours practicing man-over-board's.  It was so much fun.  Usually we used buoys to simulate a person over-board, except when it was too hot, then we took turns diving over-board to be rescued.

Please read my true short story at Amazon, "Sailing to Block Island."

I wrote a musical about quilting called,

Quilt Mania the Musical.  It has 8 fantastic songs.

Do you have a story to tell? I can help you. The product can be a book, for family or the public.  You can also have an Audio keepsake that is stand-alone technology using a USB drive and circuit that will never go out of date. There's nothing like hearing your loved-one's voice tell their story.